Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I've been on a huge Etsy kick lately (it's about time!) and have been trying to list things regularly. For now, I'm succeeding! A tripod has now cured my photo-taking woes, so no longer will I be perching a camera precariously on a stack of books and boxes with pillows on the floor in case it falls. (Yes, most of the photos on this blog have been taken like that. And yes, my camera is still in tact, thankyouverymuch.)

I love skirts. Who doesn't? For a period of time (see: ages 8-14) I stopped wearing skirts for some insane reason, but now I adore them. I really only get to wear them on Sundays due to practicality issues, but I have a fantastic excuse to make as many as I like because of the shop.

I do NOT love tulle, however. Sure, when the it's already finished and made into something, it's fantastic, but actually working with it is painful.

The first skirt pictured below was ridiculously time consuming and extremely difficult to make, simply because the tulle would NOT cooperate. Honestly, I sewed it on and took it off three separate times (and pinned it in several other ways, trying to make it work) before I gave up and made an underskirt. I think I spent at least ten hours on this. It's when you do the math and realize you're paying yourself less than three dollars an hour for something that you know you're doing it because you love it. Except, unfortunately, I didn't love making this skirt. I loved the outcome, though, and that makes it all worth it!

I LOVED making this skirt, though. I've been hoarding the fabric since early September, not able to decide what to make with it. Finally, I had an epiphany and realized that a two-layer circle skirt would be amazing. Everything else, bows included, came in an afterthought of "hey, wouldn't this be cool?" just like most of my designs. I love spontaneity.

Lemme tell you, this skirt is wonderful. It twirls so awesomely (see first picture), hangs even better, and did I mention that it's silver? (Oh, yeah. They're both for sale. http://www.etsy.com/)
In other, non-sewing related news that I'm sure you all care SO much about... my room is green! I'll get a progress-picture up later, but you can see a wall in some of these pictures. The green is so much more green in artificial light, but I like it both ways. Although, it's much prettier in person.
Clearly, I'm procrastinating on my novel. But with a new CD (Taylor Swift's new album Fearless! It came out today and it is AMAZING and you should go out and buy it NOW, okay?) to listen to while writing, I should be alright...
More updates soon to come!
Edited to say: HOLD UP. Did I just update twice in the span of one week? Is the world going to stop revolving around the sun or something? Because posts that often have got to mean something life-altering!


  1. That Sliver-y blue skirt IS amazing. How did you get the top layer to hang from the bows without it looking all floppy? Its beyond me! I LOVE the fabric. You should get more and make a dress out of it! OH, and something else, (that I have always wanted to do, but lacked the perfect cloth and the talent) a skirt like the sliver one you made, except with 2 tones of fabric! Like, a dark red for the top layer, and a lighter red, or even a orange for the bottom layer. OR, you could make it sever layers, getting lighter or darker shades the farther down you go! That would use up a ton of fabric, and you would have to charge a ton of money for it, but this is just a idea for when you are rich and famous and can buy whatever material you like! :P

  2. Thanks, Dana!! :) Did I ever mention how much it cheers me up when you comment? Anyway, it does.

    Aaaaaand I've been meaning to ask, what do you want for Christmas? I'm making Amanda a cloak, if she hasn't told you. Would it be totally spoiling a surprise if I asked if you wanted a skirt like the one you described? Because I'd love to make another one. Or something else. Or... well, I won't mention my other idea. But anyway, send me an email or something!


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