Thursday, November 20, 2008

Black Friday Weekend: Four Days of FREE shipping!

As we all know, Black Friday comes with long lines at the mall and a huge rush to try to get your best sales--all supporting big-ticket companies who already have millions of dollars, and some that have their clothing made in sweatshop environments where the workers on underpaid and mistreated.

Now, why would you want to be a part of that? This whole holiday season, why don't you swing over to Etsy, and buy some handmade goodness? I'm not just talkin' my shop (although, really, you should. Free shipping ANYWHERE on ANY ITEMS November 28-December 1st. indie designers and artists, and buy unique, one-of-a-kind gifts.

So, yes, free shipping. Anywhere in the world. Buy some lovely clothes.

I'll be posting more updates as to sales here on my blog and at my Etsy shop--so check back during the holiday season!

I know I ought to be posting photos, but just wait. They're coming soon.


  1. I'm waiting... Haha.
    This makes me want to buy something on esty just for the free shipping! :) That just goes to show what a geek I am! I need to keep an eye on the cool stuff you are making for your shop! I need something cool-and-yet-classic to wear to Amanda's graduation! Cause, naturally, I don't have ANYTHING to wear. haha. hmmm, do you take personal checks? From trustworthy people like me? ;P Hugs!

  2. p.s. I used the words 'I' or 'me' six times. SIX times! How selfish is that? :P We should talk soon! I wanna hear the news from MN!
    <3 Dana <3

  3. P.S.S. Help me talk Amanda into wearing a dress for graduation. She would look so pretty in a dress! Our nagging abilities combined should convince her! Ok, I'm done



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