Monday, November 17, 2008


I participated in my first swap ever-- it was a hoodie swap!! My partner was so awesome. The themes I used of hers were cherry blossoms and sock monkeys. So here's the hoodie I made her-- it has a three-part stencil on the back (I'd never done any stencil that extensive, but I'm super happy with how it came out), contrasting cuffs, pockets, and hem, and the hood is fully lined. I had so much fun with it, especially on the stencil. I love surface design. So anyway, pictures:

I also made a pretty pretty hoodie out of my favorite fabric EVER-- it has a scrolly design and pink chains all over. I want to keep this one so much, but lucky for whoever buys it, it's listed on my shop ( It has pleats up the zipper and up the back, a really long cut, long sleeves, a lined pixie hood, and a zip up the front. On these two pictures I played around with colors/exposure/contrast/brightness at this site I found, What do you think? The first one, obviously, has a lot more done to it than the second.

Okay, off to do productive things. :)


  1. Sweet hoodie! How did you put the little flower-leafy things on your fabric? Did you use that awesome computer program, or did you stitch them on? Cuteness! I sent you a e-mail, but looking back, its very goofy and random, so you might have to drink a can of chocolate syrup to find it amusing... Hehe.
    Hugs from ME!

  2. P.S. (here we go again.:)
    Ohhh, and I liked the picture you messed with! It looks very professional! :)

  3. Hahaha, yes, I got your email, and giggled madly throughout the whole thing. I'm working on a reply to all your post-scripts. :P Do you mean the cherry blossoms on the back? If so, that was a stencil with fabric paint! I had so much fun with it. It's a three part stencil, more extensive than I'd ever done before. But I love it.

    Thanks for saying such lovely things, Dana! Oooh, and the picture was so much fun to play with. :D I'm going to edit all of my photos on there now.


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