Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sailor shirt

I can't write much right now, but I am finally getting my shop in order and listing items. I would be modeling things, but my set up is a little difficult and it's just easier at the moment to have Doris do it.
Sailor shirt out of striped cotton jersey. Tabs, pretty buttons. Particularly proud of the even stitching on the neckline. (Check out the listing at! Shameless plug? Me? No way. :P)

Sorry, I know this is a pretty impersonable post, but all of my words have been going towards my novel. 6444 words and counting! Oh, yes, I'm two thousand words behind where I should be. You can check out my profile: The excerpt is... well... unconnected to the rest of my book, but I wrote it on the first day before I even thought up a plot and yes, I realize it's extremely angsty and emo. No, despite appearances and the title, the novel is not actually like that.
Off to write--wish my luck!


  1. Rock on Addie Marie! That sailor shirt looks like something a actress would wear while cruising on her personal yacht, drinking sherry and getting a manicure. Wait, is it possible to drink sherry and get a manicure at the same time? Since I have never done either at the same time (or at all!), I really wouldn't know. Anyway, the whole point of that rambling sentence is to tell you how nice the shirt looks. Its cool. :) I would say 'break a leg', but you already tried to break your back,*ahem* so I'd better not risk it. So, I'll just say "write till your fingers fall off!" Hehe. <3 Dana

  2. wish luck! also the tabs at the waist are great. i've never seen that before.

  3. hey addie your clothes are amazing! were you wearing that to the "dance" at gunflint lodge? i meant to say hi but their were people everywhere and i tend to get quiet when that happens. anyway have you seen the movie coraline? i think you would like it. although i usually hate things when people say that to me.


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