Thursday, May 24, 2012



Here it is, the finished coat in all its glory!


Shot of the hand painted lining... You'll see another post on the blouse and the trousers!


The hand-distressed leather hinges, with snaps--and the curved welt pockets!


Leather flying yoke... If I could change anything, I would move the yoke to fit the back neck better! Alas, once snaps are set, they are set forever.


And I don't think I could possibly have anything more to say about this coat, except: runway photos from our fashion show!


(Above two photos taken by Hannah Riordan.)

I'm never modeling again. I was so nervous! But I think I did okay--I didn't fall, at least! I think the best part of looking at runway pictures is seeing people's reactions. Too funny.

(Photo taken by my parents.)

And this was me, after the shows were all done, with my model & wonderful friend, Cassie! Perhaps you remember her from last year? This is a preview of things to come--I'll do another post on her outfit! It's a goodie.


  1. Oh, this is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Awesome coat Addie! You are very talented!

    Aunt Jean

  3. This looks amazing. I love the distressed leather accents and the curved pockets. Your hard work definitely paid off.



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