Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hello From Soggy Chicago!

soggy chicago

Oh, beautiful city! Look at this. Just look at the skyline! Last night there was some sort of firework show, and I could see them off in the distance, sparkling above the buildings.


And despite packing for warm weather, here I am, in jeans and boots and sweaters and jackets. It's honestly been the same weather in every single state I've been in this month besides Wisconsin. Wisconsin hasn't failed me--warm and summery, right on cue.

But just how many states have I been in this May? Six! But only four really count. It's been quite the month! I finished my semester up on May 14th, packed up my dorm, and flew to Alaska on the 16th to be in a dear friend's wedding. On the way, I had layovers in Chicago and Seattle, so by the time I got to Anchorage, I was exhausted! I finally--finally!--got to bed at 4am my time, only 1am in Alaska. The wedding was wonderful, and we had so much fun putting together the last minute details, like flower arrangements and decorations. I was there for only a handful of days, and after visiting relatives briefly, I made my return flight on Sunday night with a stop in Dallas. There you go, six states!


Alaska, at 11:00 PM! Isn't it beautiful?


It's so easy to fall in love with the mountains.


The bride had gotten this pretty little handgun as a birthday present (so cool), and all of us girls just had to pose with it. Obviously!

After a brief, 6-day break at home in Northern Minnesota, I'm in Chicago for three and a half weeks, feeling excited and optimistic. There is so much to do and see! Already I feel like I've been on the go, nonstop, and it's wonderful. It's just one of those times in my life where I can barely stop to look around, and I kind of love it. Summer is shaping up so well already! How's yours looking??


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  1. And hello in return from sunny MN! Love the photos--that first one in Alaska is especially beautiful. I like the layers of color that you captured.
    Looking forward to more big city pictures--have fun!


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