Monday, February 28, 2011


Me & Hannah, photo courtesy the darling Solveig.

I'm so deliciously happy right now that I feel like bursting. I need to put it down somewhere, so I figured I'd share it with you here.


My friends keep being wonderful.

I just spent the weekend with some of my favorite people and even though there were some pretty painful moments, it was worth every second. Nothing beats breakfast potlucks and really, really good people. They're just the best.

My parents are just the nicest, most helpful, understanding, and just plain superb people.

I'm wearing a cardigan.

Wonderful people randomly start talking with me.

There are more reasons to smile every day.

Spring break is two measly weeks away.

We learned to waltz.

I keep having things to look forward to, every single week.

Nothing is drudgery, and it's all about your outlook.

Things are coming together, & even where they aren't, I'm okay with the unknown.

It's almost spring.

Kept promises are the sweetest.

I wore a huge red hairbow the other day (and I'm convinced that's why), and this guy walked by me, did a full spin right in front of me and smiled, and then kept walking. It was adorable.

Complaining is overrated.

Coffee is still one of my favorite things.

Cute boys saying, "When are we going to hang out again?" out of the blue make me smile like mad.

Classic things are always the best.

Sending love your way. I hope your week is full of wonder. What is making your heart beat a little faster right now?


  1. That was a cute little post. Especially the red hairbow story.

  2. I agree with Sacha; I was just about to gush about the hairbow story! Hairbows are the best. :)

  3. hmmm what kind of coffee is your favorite? or just plain? cute pic, love your friends hair!

  4. Thanks, darlings! :)

    Ruth - Thank you! I like black coffee--especially early in the morning--as well as mochas and cappuccinos. What about you?

  5. How did I just notice this post!?! I'm going through your whole blog to catch up now haha. 1. i love that photo a ton. 2. so much positive mojo, love ittt!

    1. Haha aw!! &, it's a great photo, perfectly sums up new years eve.


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