Friday, May 21, 2010

Sewing on the Porch

It was absolutely gorgeous this afternoon: in the 70's, sunny, and only a slight breeze. It was perfect sewing-on-the-porch weather, and you can bet that is what I did.

DSC_0350_picnik.jpg picture by Addikins

That's right. I ate cherries, drank lemonade, and worked on a dress. Who says this isn't heaven?

DSC_03522.jpg picture by Addikins

DSC_0353_picnik.jpg picture by Addikins

I did my hair up all vintage-esque today, wore my vintage heels, and threw on my gingham dress. Wonderfully 40's!

DSC_0361.png picture by Addikins

DSC_0360.png picture by Addikins

DSC_0357.png picture by Addikins

DSC_0363.png picture by Addikins

DSC_0364.png picture by Addikins

Trust me when I say that water is freezing. It'll be July before it's swimmable, late June if we're lucky.

Yesterday I went to the university I'll be attending in the fall. We went for some orientation & registering for classes, which was very informative. I'll be taking a lecture class (and introduction to design) and a beginning construction class, which I'm excited for, but I'll also have to muddle through for a few weeks. We will be constructing around 6 pieces, I think, for the first semester (I can't remember the exact number) which will be exciting. I am nervous, I must admit! It was bizarre, because I've always been a little unique in my interest in fashion and obsession with sewing, but going there--I was exactly the same as everyone else. It was a wake-up call to how competitive the business is, a bit of a reminder that there are thousands of other girls who want the same job as I do.

I'm excited, regardless. I'm also taking American Government, Fundamentals of Speech, English Composition, and a slightly bogus PE class that I haven't decided on yet. I might try to fit Archery in, but if not, it'll be "Walking/Jogging."

It's nice to have the summer ahead to get ready. I have an extra long summer break because I'm not starting until after Labor Day, although by then I'm sure I'll be rearing to get to school!

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  1. Sewing on the porch sounds like so much fun! Adorable pictures as always :)

  2. Oh man. I'd be completely and totally jealous, but it has been in the 70s here to, so I'm only jealous about the cherries. ;) And the sweet dress! The new shoes I got are almost the same design as your red shoes, but in brown instead. I love them, they are so summery!! Do post pictures when the dress you are working on is done, ok darling?
    <3 Dana

  3. How could I not comment on this?
    You pull of the vintage look so well, absolutely charming! The dress is gorgeous and the pop of red is just stunning! I must confess I'm in love with those last two photos! <3


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