Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Important Announcement

On Saturday, Dec. 12, I'll be changing this blog address from "" to "". I'll change all my links on my shop, livejournal, and other places that link here, so if you're not around to make note of the change, you'll be able to find me through those other places. If you follow me here on Blogger, there won't be any change--just click my link on your dashboard as usual and it'll be the same place.

I think it's appropriate that I make the change. It was about two years ago that I decided on "Matey" for the first part of my shop name, and I made this blog before I opened my shop. That is why they're different. In all honesty, I'm not totally pleased with the name anymore; it's more of who I was at 16 than who I am now. I don't have any plans to change it completely in the near future, but someday I'd like to ditch the pirate theme completely, and choose something more encompassing of my personality and style now--something classic and timeless that I would be happy to keep using for years to come.

Anyway, that's all plans for later on; nothing to worry about now. Just be sure to change you links from mateywear to mateycouture by/after Saturday. Thanks, cuties!

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