Monday, December 28, 2009

Diamonds in the Rough

I made this shirt absolute ages ago, but had decided it was too plain & hung it on the rack. I planned to eventually screen/stencil something onto it, but could never decide on the right design. Right before the Christmas Sale, I whipped it out, furrowed my brow, and decided that diamonds were exactly what this top needed. (Everything looks good with diamonds, after all!)

The details on the shirt itself: bamboo knit, cowl neck, 3/4 length sleeves, side pocket, long cut. It's like cashmere against the skin!

It's been mad busy here, but I'll try to get more posts up over the next few days. They might edge towards some sentimental nonsense because it's the end of the year, and I'm moving out in three short weeks. (!)

I'm expecting to have separation anxiety because I have to part from my serger. It will be painful.

(This shirt will be listed within a few days, so check the shop soon!)


  1. Love this!!!!! Are you still going to be able to do your shop and school at the same time?

  2. Thank you, Andrea! I doubt I'll be able to keep up my shop while I'm away. What I'll probably do is bring my stock with me and leave everything up, but I'll be unable to list new things, unfortunately. I wish I could!

  3. screen prints make everything better :D
    aw, leaving your serger! that's so sad.
    and no new items *tear*
    but i'm sure you will have fun at college!

  4. They definitely do! & oh man, I know! It's gonna be so hard to leave it behind. D:


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