Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pink Monstrosity

I have one more outfit to post before I get back to things I've actually made. We stopped at this great thrift store in Southern Minnesota* when I was on a college visit, and I got a couple really amazing items. This post features my favorite: a petticoat! It's huge, vibrant pink, and oh so fun to wear.

I'm wearing:

- pink necklace - antique store in Morris, MN
- striped shirt - Goodwill, altered
- pink petticoat - best thrift store ever, Mora, MN
- white knee-highs - Target
- boots - Forever21

(I'm also wearing tights & a skirt under the slightly-see-through petticoat.)

Haha, this picture makes me smile, because my nose is red; it was so cold! My hands were fair numb whenever I would run over to reset the self-timer on the camera. I also almost fell off the rock, which would not have been good! I'm so glad I didn't, as I'm not really a fan of swimming in late November.

Silhouette! So exciting.

I promise there'll be a sewing update within a couple days!


  1. Oh man! Those pictures are amazing! I love how you use the lake as a background! It makes me want to visit so badly!
    Looks like you are still having lovely weather there! -30 here... :)
    Love you, beautiful!

  2. Amazing outfit! It's so cute and it looks great on you. I also love the lake background and I sympathize with you about running to reset self timers. They are a pain! Haha, I usually just trip over myself when I run to reset the timer. Anyway, cool outfit and I can't wait to see more of your stuff. Your posts always inspire me!

  3. Dana - Aw, thank you! It's a very photogenic lake, isn't it? You need to come see me, darling! Brrr, I don't envy your -30 weather. It's been around 25-40 here, so actually very good for November! Love you too!

    Hannah - Thank you, Hannah! You are so sweet--you always make me smile! &, oh my goodness, I know, self-timers can be so difficult! Sometimes I wish I had a photographer on call, haha. Thanks again. <3

  4. It looks like a great big happy pink KA-BOOM!

  5. Love the silhouette picture and I want a petticoat like that sooo bad!!

  6. Janice - Ahaha, you're awesome. :)

    Whitney - Thank you!! Check Etsy... they're sometimes pretty expensive, but you might find a deal, especially since it's gonna be such a huge sale weekend!


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