Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cropped Jacket

I'm finally posting about that secret project I mentioned a while back! I hope the build-up wasn't too big for the actual project. Anyway, a few weeks ago, I received an email from Stephan Hoglund, a local photographer, wondering if I had anything to contribute to a winter photoshoot. I agreed to bring in the skirt, and said I'd try to get another piece together.

I had had a gigantic black wool coat lying around for about a year, and I'll admit, I was pretty terrified to cut into it. The insides of tailored coats are usually complicated, heavily stitched & interfaced, and unfortunately, if they're well worn, kind of messy. But when put under a deadline, I do my very best work, so when I had only three days to make the piece, I breathed in deeply & pulled out the seam ripper.

I sketched up five or six possible ideas, and then changed it again as I was in the process of making the new jacket, but all turned out well. I meticulously pressed ever single seam, and serged all the edges of the impossible polyester lining. The night before I was to bring it in, I stayed up until 2AM working on it, and then got up five hours later to finish. It was tedious, but very, very worth it.

Here's a shot I got that night, before it was finished. I fixed the un-evenness of the bottom band before I sewed the zipper in.

The details? Cropped length, swing sleeves, big cuffs, high collar, chunky metal off-center zipper, military-inspired tabs, and bright red lining.

Here are some of my favorite pictures:

There are also a few photos of me modeling it, which I'll post as soon as they're edited. This jacket will be for sale sometime this month in my shop, and the skirt will be re-listed at the same time.

So there you are, real, professional photos, and a jacket I'm extremely proud of. Thank you for looking!

Edit (11/11): I took a few "pick up" shots to get details for the listing on etsy, and wanted to post them here!

Cropped Jacket // Wool // Bright Red Lining // Small / Medium

Cropped Jacket // Wool // Bright Red Lining // Small / Medium

The jacket is now for sale, too, in my SHOP. xo!


  1. TOTALLY AMAZING! I love it! What an awesome job! Ahh, professional photos and everything!

  2. Oh, by the way, if I had money to spend at the moment, I'd totally buy that. :) Your stuff is always so professional! I love reading your blog because you're so inspiring!

  3. ummmm meeee waaaannnnnnnttt nnnaaaooooo

  4. Awesome Addie!

    Aunt Jean.

  5. Wow! That's awesome! The jacket looks so great and the photos are really cool!

  6. I love your jacket. It's quirky without being OTT

  7. EEKS! I'm so excited for you! That looks so awesome! Very professional and cool! :) Good job! Talk to you soon?

  8. Amazing work. Cute skirt and fabulous jacket!

  9. [I'm sorry I haven't replied to your comments sooner--but I adore you all for taking the time to talk to me!]

    Hannah - Aww, you are such a sweetheart! Thank you so much. <3

    Thea - Haha! Thanks, doll. :)

    Aunt Jean - Thank you!!

    Whitney - Thank you very much!!

    Gail - Aw, thank you! I checked out your blog & am now following you! :)

    Dana - Dahhhhling, you're too kind!! Thank you. :) & yes, I'm going to be in cell-range all weekend, with free time tomorrow, friday afternoon, and Sunday afternoon/evening! We MUST talk.

    Susan - Thank you very much!!


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