Thursday, November 19, 2009

Outifts, darling!

Remember when I did this? Once? Back in May? Yes, well, I'm posting outfits again because [gasp] I don't have anything else to post. It's been too long since I've sewn anything! But I was looking at my calendar this morning and realized that the Christmas sale I'm going to participate in is just over two weeks away. Shocking, how fast time goes! I haven't gotten anyone covered for presents, even! Thanksgiving is a week from today. Advent starts... what day, December 6th? There's a chorus singing, "Not ready! Not yet! Slow down!" in my head. Bah.

On to the outfits! These are just a few from the last four months.

This was in September. All I remember is that it was freezing. I'm wearing:

- Handknit merino wool cap - from Mom
- T-shirt scarf - handmade
- Wool peacoat - Delia*s
- Shirt & stockings - Target
- Altered wool skirt - vintage
- Booties - Lulu's

I like this. But these shoes are killer to wear if I'm walking anywhere.

- Necklace -
- "Liberty" tee - - resized
- Black jacket - I think it came from Ragstock? Anyway, my friend surprised me with it, & I've had it for about 4 years & it's one of my favorite pieces.
- Belt - reconstructed from pleather pants & a broken belt.
- Bubble skirt - handmade
- Stockings - Target
- Vintage French peeptoes -

Summer! So long, long ago...

- Owl necklace -
- Most Amazing Shirt Ever (my absolute favorite thing) - handmade
- Belt - thrifted
- Lime pleated skirt - thrifted
- Porch Swing Peeptoes - Modcloth

And here's basically the same outfit, but transformed for the cold weather:

Things different in this outfit:
- Jacket - Ragstock
- Black belt - from a friend
- Chain necklace
- Red tights - We Love Colors
- Fishnets - Ragstock
- NEW BOOTS - Forever21

Aren't the bee-yoo-tee-ful? The outer is a really weird material, but it looks like suede and it's not like I have to feel it, so it's not a big deal. They've got a really low (1 1/2") wedge heel, so perfect for walking, and... you probably know how I feel about straps and buttons on boots. Super fantastic. These just became the Porch Swing Peeptoes of my fall/winter wardrobe, haha. (Did you notice how often I wore those?)

I'm a huge fan of daily outfit photos because you can look back on them, analyze what you wore, easily reuse outfits, know what not to do, and see how your style progressed. What I can tell you now is that I definitely need to switch it up and wear something besides high-waisted skirts!

So, guys, do you take outfit photos? Do you plan on starting? Let me know if you do, and we can keep track of each other! Also, how are you doing on Christmas organizing & planning? Overwhelmed as I am, or neatly ahead of the game?

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