Monday, May 11, 2009

ShilynJoy on Etsy!

Okay, so even though Shilyn is a very awesome, clever, lovely, sweet doll of a friend of mine, I am not being at all biased when I say she's a ridiculously talented seamstress.

She has a style that's entirely unique and her own. She taught herself to not only sew, but to draft patterns and drape, all within a couple years. She opened her Etsy shop this winter, putting fabulous clothing and bags into it. (I'm a particular fan of the Asymmetric Halter Mini Dress, myself, as is pictured below.) She's the one who had the idea for an Etsy Team for ThreadBanger, and continues to come up with fantastic ideas and challenges for it.

Asymmetric Halter Mini Dress (4/6) from ShilynJoy --- DISCOUNTED

Please check out her shop by clicking the photo above!

& as always, you can find out more on the TBGuild here,
and find all our shops at our Etsy profile.

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