Sunday, May 17, 2009

Daily Outfit

I'm figuring that because this is my blog, I can make my own rules for it (haha)... and stray away a little from the construction of clothing, and a little towards the wearing of it, at least for a post here and there. I'm trying to take photos of what I'm wearing--when it's somewhat interesting--to find out what does & does not work, and as a sort of guide if I'm in a rush and don't know what to throw together.

So I got my brother (home from college! ^_^) to come take photos on our porch. It was freezing yesterday, so I went for layers & warmth.

I am wearing:

Big wooden circle earrings: Modcloth
Adorable owl necklace:
Long gray toggle cardigan: My brother gave it to me. :)
"Liberty" Tee: Threadless, resized by me
Bubble dress: Me!
Vintage French heels:

I love these shoes. Pure, pure love. They're leather, made in France, found in a vintage market in Paris, and sent to me from Dublin. We were meant to be, these shoes and I. They're a little tight, but as my mom would say, "It hurts to be beautiful!" (It was always in jest when she said it, but it tends to be true at times!)

Sometimes I feel far too dressed up for the life I live, but it is so much fun to wear nice things, and if I don't wear them here, where else will I?


  1. You inspire me. Addie, you are meant for great things! Very sophisticated. :P

  2. Aww, thanks doll, what a sweetheart you are!! You have today off? Can I call you?

  3. Aww man, what an awesome outfit. I LOVE the cardigan you have on. do you still have these "shoes from france"? You are so cute. I can tell that you were awesome in 2009 still awesome today!

    1. You are way too sweet! I wore these shoes to death; they eventually stretched out to fit better, but I truly wore them to pieces (which makes me a little sad but mostly happy that I got a good life out of them). If I still have this sweater (it might be in a box at my parent's house) I'd gladly send it to you! I'll let you know if I find it when I'm home for Christmas!


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