Monday, March 9, 2009

ThreadBanger Guild & A Featured Artist

Hello, darlings! I'm here to promote a FANTASTIC group of artists. We're called the Threadbanger Guild (we'll be an official Etsy Team after the 15th), and our creations range from amazing works of clay to gorgeous jewelry to awe-worthy clothing and epic purses.

If you're on Threadbanger (which you really should be!) & you have an Etsy, you should join up! Check out the thread on how to join & why you should, & the advertisement guide (put together by yours truly!), and please check out our shops!!
Or go to & search "tbguild" to find our listings. And scroll down this page--that's right, below the Blog Archive--to get a quick peek at what we've made.

You know how I've been dying to have better photos with a more artsy, raw feel? I found the perfect example of what I want while sifting around on Etsy today.

♥Photo & Dress by the amazing SarahSeven

Yes. That is what I want. Click on the link above to view her other incredible creations! Seriously, folks. Look at the lighting! The unfinished wall behind her! The gorgeous model! And, of course, the main focus point: the dress! (Incidentally, I have the same fabric. ^^) Really, this is art. What I would give to have photos styled in a similar way!

Alright, you surely have enough inspiration from all these incredible artists that you'll survive without my creations for a little while longer. I'm off to work on a dress I've been putting off for over a year. You'll surely see photos of it soon!


  1. Ughers! I wish I was there to help you take pictures! I'd stay (mercifully:) behind the camera, and we could come up with all sorts of artsy etsy photos! Fun stuff!
    I'll respond to your hilarious e-mails sometime soon...

    Love you lots!



  2. Eee, Dana! I missed you! This is a rather inconvenient way to communicate... but email me soon! Let me know where I can reach you!

    I WISH YOU WERE HERE TOO. 'nuff said.

    I'd post pictures today, but it's see-through! haha! We don't want those pictures.



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