Sunday, February 14, 2016

Giant Knit Slouchy Beanie pt. 2!


When I made the tutorial for this giant slouchy beanie, I did it with two different colors of roving, but I really wanted try it in all white to see how it turned out. I used roving from Dharma Trading, which I am really surprised and delighted by, and my size 50 knitting needles. It took only a couple hours to finish, and I made it out on the balcony to photograph it just in time before it got dark.


And I really love how it turned out! It is super warm, very comfy, and quite cute. I'm always trying to be conscious of having cute winter gear, since it takes up such a large portion of my wardrobe. This fits the bill, I'd say!


I just love roving, and I don't think this affair is going to end any time soon, to be honest.



And yeah. I'm wearing this shirt for forever. Don't judge.


Tutorial for this hat is here, or you can buy the hat here. :)

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