Sunday, November 4, 2012


Welcome to my life lately. All Illustrator & Photoshop, all the time. I sewed for about three hours yesterday, finishing a project, and now it's back to the computer screen. In-progress portfolio pages for Cut & Sew Knits, and CAD boards.

But life is really good. I think I say this every year, but this is my hardest semester yet. Balancing homework, classes, work, friends, and a boyfriend has been almost overwhelming.... but totally worth it. I've also been making a solid effort to still have fun, something I didn't always do.

For example, playing (and winning) darts on my birthday, and making time to sew a polka-dot birthday dress.

Besides all of this, I feel like real life -- that is, life after college -- is looming right in front of me. I'm getting ready to register for spring classes, and seeing that number of credits needed is both terrifying and exciting. Important interviews, landing an internship, career path discussions, and difficult decisions have been the themes of this fall.

I've been prioritizing my life, nothing new, and sadly, blogging just isn't up there for me right now. I miss it, I have such a backlog of things to post, and I wish I could catch up on everyone's archives for the past, I don't know, forever... but when it comes down to it, I need to focus on school. And what else would I have to do over Christmas break but catch up on the blogosphere? :)


  1. I literally thought, "Maybe Addie blogged today...". I must be a mind reader. =P Keep up the awesome work at school. I am so excited to see where you end up in the next few years!

  2. I love your polka dot dress! Its so cute :) Hope you have more time to blog over the holiday!! :)


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