Wednesday, August 15, 2012


This summer has been quite family-oriented for me, and I couldn't be luckier. I don't know if you know this, but I have a really cool family. They're all quite funny (understatement), enthusiastic, and very hardworking. But we play hard, too! Jumping on the instagram train, here is a photographic summary of the last month:

Croquet at Gramma's        -     My aunt's crazy little dog

Excellent campfire                                  -          Reading Shel Silverstein by the fire

I made a chambray shirt!      -           Polka dot pants DIY

We have great sunsets on my lake...          -     And sometimes we see bears swimming.
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I have a lot of creations to post, still. I'll try to get on that! On Monday, I'm headed back to school--classes don't start until the 5th, but I am moving into my first apartment (!) and decorating is a priority! 

How's your summer been? Any highlights?


  1. Hi :)
    I love the polkadot pants *.*
    Can you do a tutorial?

    please ♥

    1. I'll see if I can swing that! Thank you! :)

    2. I'll see if I can swing that! Thank you! :)

  2. That chambray shirt is divine, and I nearly lost it when I saw the swimming bear on IG… most amazing thing I've ever seen!

    1. Aw, Raynor, thank you so much for your sweet comment! I'm really flattered you checked out my blog! You're much too kind.

  3. una pasada d fotos!! espero que te pases por

    te sigo:)


  4. Hi Addie!

    We've bookmarked your site ...... and we'll follow you from time to time.

    SOOOO proud of you, doing so well at Stout. I knew you would. It's just the perfect place for you.

    If you ever run into Glendali Rodriguez at Stout, say hi from us. She's a tenured instructor in Construction (I think-?!) - Architecture. Oh yeah, she's also married to our nephew ...

    AND!!! --- say hi to your folks, grand folks & sibs!

    Nick & Jean

  5. Hi! I miss you :) what have you been up to lately? I bet you've been making all sorts of beautiful and fabulous things :)


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