Thursday, March 17, 2011

who wants to be right as rain?

Thank you for all your comments on my last post. You all give me such warm fuzzies! It's comforting to know that we're all in this together, and with the help of others, we can be that much better at loving ourselves. Aw. Virtual hugs, all around!

I'm on spring break right now, so I'm lounging around at home. I've been doing a disgusting amount of homework, but not getting nearly as much done as I ought... seems I've piled my plate too high, as usual! But really, it's so restful to be at home and to not have any commitments. I love not rushing around to places.

This is such a non-outfit that I almost feel like it's cheating to post it. But today, I'm really not doing much. I baked some awesome brioche fruit pizza with creme patissiere, did my laundry, and am now planning on sewing. All in all, a good, easy-going day. Not gonna lie, though, I feel a little guilty for not dressing on-theme--shouldn't I be wearing green? It is St. Patrick's Day, and I am part Irish! Maybe I'll change later to make up for it.

sweater / wholesale-dress | leggings / ll bean | flats / target

Speaking of the holiday! Got any plans for tonight? If you're going out, have fun and be safe!


  1. I'm going to a concert at a local Irish pub. Woohoo!

  2. Amber - sounds fun!

    Addie - I frelling adore that sweater!

    I hung out with my friends Knitty and Maggie, and then the only green thing I had was pistachio gelato. I'll blog my day on my blog tomorrow. :-)

  3. Amber - Have a blast! :)

    Janice - Sounds like such a good time!! I look forward to reading about it. & thank you! The site I got it from was pretty weird... it was only $5, but it took three months to ship, haha. Worth it!

  4. 3 months?? Holy cow!! That's crazy long!
    But atleast it looks amazing on you! These pics remind me of the Elizabeth Arden commercials from the 80's! I love them! :)
    so a big Hi-5 to you for such beauty Addie!


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