Saturday, September 4, 2010

Movin' Out


Just an explanation for any hiatus from posting, replying to comments, leaving you a note, or, you know, internet life in general. I'm headed to the land of cows & cheese & my favorite football team, leaving tomorrow morning at 8. My petticoat doesn't want to fit in any of my totes, and I'm bringing too much, as usual. Ah, back to packing. Have a beautiful Labor Day weekend, darlings.


  1. Good Luck packing and have a fine holiday weekend.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

    P.S: If you still have not entered the giveaway on my blog, please take a minute to visit and enter. :)

  2. if it doesn't fit you must wear it!

  3. So your dresses are amazingly cute! is there anyway i could buy a pattern from you?

  4. Thanks, Trishna! Haha, I crammed it in somehow, Jessica. :)

    Thanks, Lajuma! Unfortunately, I'm not set up to do that - I don't know how to grade patterns, so my patterns are all one size. I just do really basic things & mostly work from two patterns I made, so I bet you can find some commercial patterns that would work out! See what's on sale at your fabric store, they usually have really good deals. Good luck! :)


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