Friday, September 3, 2010

Memory Lane

My computer cable died, so I'm using my slow, decrepit Dell to get my internet fix. This also means that, in between jumping up to clean/pack, I am looking through all my old photos on here. It's fun, reminiscent, sometimes cringe-worthy (awkward phases, braces, etc.), and it makes me a little nostalgic. I bought this computer in fall of 2006, and used it up until April 2009, so there is quite a range of photos on it. While digging through old files, I found a couple things of interest.

This makes me smile. My braces! Goodness. This was from May of 2008, right after I opened my original Etsy shop. My dad came out & took photos of me in the gear I stocked up on, & I had no idea what I was doing. This suspender top was the first thing I'd ever sold, & it went to a gal in Germany! I remember the day I got the email notifying me... it was the best feeling ever. That someone liked my things enough to buy and wear them was so gratifying! It still is, but nothing beats the glee of that first sale. The skirt I'm wearing was purchased by my now sister-in-law (!), & she actually wore it to the wedding rehearsal & groom's dinner last week. :)

Haha. This was from April 2007, taken on the tail-end of a family vacation. We always stop for ice cream cones once on our roadtrips, and I think we'd almost forgotten or something, and were already in Minnesota for this. That's my brother, Paul. He's pretty much the coolest person I know... I'm going to miss going to school with him--I was so lucky to have class with him last semester! Oh, & this is relevant to my train of thought, because this was one of my first t-shirt surgeries. I think it came out of that book by Meghan Nicolay. I was so proud of this, and I wore it all the time. I hope I still have it somewhere!

It's nice to see how much I've improved from the beginning of my sewing adventures. Looking through my archives on this blog & seeing the learning curve I had is kind of rewarding--I had so much fun learning, & I started this blog as a way of recording it all, sort of as a portfolio. Everything was a stepping stone to where I am, just as what I'm doing right now is a stepping stone to where I'll be next year, and so on. I really like that there is always something to improve on, and new things to learn about sewing and design. Life would be so boring if one knew everything!

Do you document things so as to reflect later? I think internet makes this so easy--facebook photo albums, blogs, livejournal, and even twitter archives can all show where we were at a point in time, and how much we've changed. We're a part of a generation that documents rather obsessively, putting everything out there and being raw and utterly honest on the internet. I think these things are invaluable to viewing our self-improvement, even when we borderline on over-sharing. As I surely tend to on this blog, haha.


  1. Oh I love that first pic!!!

    Aye I think we are part of this generation that is so publicly exposed, we post everything and speak out everything, and there is always a record of it. I like to keep a record of things, now I kinda regret not having a blog to record my DIY to designing process. I'll probably open one when I have enough good stuff to post ;)

  2. I tend to hide my cringeworthy memories! Actually I've fought to have my more mopey PMS moments deleted from my blog, but then I realized it was a process and that maybe someone who was having a PMS day or really struggling could relate to it.

    The braces pics of you are still cute! How did I forget you had braces, already?


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