Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rayon Skirts = <3

I find that I have a problem remembering to take pictures of a lot of the things I make for myself--I more often just throw it on and go. Dresses, which I tend to be more proud of, generally get posted more, but even then, there are exceptions.

This evening, I decided to photograph a lot of my things. For the most part, the following is a collection of stuff I made in the spring and summer, but some even dates back to last summer, & in the case of one or two things, years ago.

Rayon is really one of the most dreamy materials out there, and I've worked with it a lot in the last year or so. First up is this lovely rayon bubble skirt. I wore it so much this summer! It's very comfortable, and surprisingly versatile. I'm also wearing an oversized tee I made, and a ripped up t-shirt scarf from this tutorial.

IMG_0346 by you.

This one is a skirt I made last Christmas Eve, late at night, so that I could wear it to church in the morning. It's made up of two layers in a wrap-style, and is fantastic for twirling in!

IMG_0350 by you.

IMG_0351 by you.

IMG_0352 by you.

That's all for tonight! I'll be posting everything over the next week, so check back very often.


  1. Oooh I love the 2nd twirly skirt! Adorable.

  2. You posted! And I'm commenting! I love the back shirt you were wearing with the second skirt! Did you make it? Ohmygoodness, I have some exciting news to tell you!!! :D

  3. Janice - Aw, thank you!!

    Dana - Thank you, darling! I did make the shirt, but several years ago and with help from mom. :) Ooo, is the news what you emailed me about? Or is there more? I'll call soon!!


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