Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shop Update: Relisting & Clearance!

I'm organizing my stock & trying to get rid of my older garments, so a lot of things are on sale. I also re-photographed some things to re-list them... swing on by!

SALE //Scrappy Wallet // Recycled Materials

On sale for $16!

SALE // Retro Flower Print Cross Over Style Dress

Dress for only $21!

SALE // Silver Dancing Skirt // Small

Re-listed, re-photographed, and down from $34 to $19!

Tattered Dress // Let Them Eat Cupcakes // Size 6

Listed for the first time ever, the Cupcake dress: $115.

Cross My Heart Cropped Vest Women's Small Medium

Re-listed and down to $58. :)

SALE // Red Anchor Heart Print Scoop Neck Hoodie Medium

The anchor hoodie: down from $49 to $35.

Thanks for bearing with me on my advertisements! Back to regularly scheduled programming soon, I promise! xoxo.

1 comment:

  1. ur so creative!!

    I have too much clothes alrdy though T_T


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