Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hot Pink Sundress

I find myself gravitating more and more towards clothes that show up & are noticeable lately, and this dress I made is a perfect example of that. I deliberately searched out the brightest fabric I could at the fabric store last time I was in Duluth, finding some fuchsia linen with a lovely drape.

The dress was fairly simple--I used my basic pattern & lined it with a striped sheet. It has an invisible zipper in back (I love these things!), and I pinned up part of the skirt to add a bit of visual interest.

I wore it today with sandals, but on a cooler day, it looks lovely with black boots & a zip up hoodie or snappy black jacket. :)

I wore pink. by you.

hot pink! by you.

I braved the mosquitoes to get these photos... and came out a bit worse for it! I was sure you were going to be able to see the bugs in these photos, they were swarming so much.

DSC06892 by you.

DSC06894 by you.

My friend cut my hair... exciting! She did an amazing job, and I love this length so much better. It was pretty funny: I was cleaning a cabin and happened to glance in the mirror. I put down my duster, pulled my lower layers to the back, and was like, "I like how this looks. I should cut it." I'm not quite brave enough to try it on my own, though, so on my lunch break I enlisted my friend to help. It's super fun to tease up high & stick things in now!

Oo, bonus close-up glamour shot!

Sorry I've been gone so much lately! Hopefully next month will be quieter for me & I'll be able to update a tad more. <3


  1. Omg! Beautifull Addie, that pink dress is so sweet like Cotton Candy! It's so flattering on you. And I agree, I have 2 skirts that are that length and I love it!;)
    Amazing work like always;)

    Oxoxo Tany*

  2. Oh I forgot to say....I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!
    Gorgeous girl!

  3. Hey Addie! Love your new dress. You look so pretty in those photos! Your new haircut is also great- it really suits you! :)

  4. That dress is adorable!! What pattern did you use, 'cause I totally want to make one like it :) Oh and love the hair

  5. Tany Aww, thank you, sweetheart! You're right, it's really a good length! :)

    Carla You're so lovely. Thank you!

    Whitney Thanks, cutie! I didn't really use a pattern, but here's what you can do: Use the top of a nice princess seamed pattern ( is what I used for my prom dress, and it's really close to how my pink dress is--sans straps), and use a circle skirt for the bottom. I made mine in a day, so it's really quite easy! I can't wait to see yours. :)

    (Oh! They're also terribly versatile--because the bodice doesn't have extra doodads, you can throw shirts over it or other layers... dress it up, dress it down... very handy! :D)

  6. woah your hair is SO SHORT. also, teenage angst much? hahahahaa....oh dear, I believe I have some pictures of me in 2009 (I was 21, just grad from collegge) looking just like this. I think it's amazing you could sew when you were this young. I would have given anything to learn! I didn't touch a sewing machine until after college!

    1. Right?? These are SO funny to look through! What is that expression even?!

  7. Crazy... My name is Addie Marie. It was my grandmother's name. Beautiful stuff, BTW. I'm gonna check out your page more!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Addie Marie was my great-grandmother's name also! What a coincidence! :)


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