Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Collection '09!

Reconstructed from a Threadless Tee... puffy sleeves, keyhole, scoop neck, pockets. Photographed in SE Colorado.

You've seen this one... twice... haha, so you know the details. Grand Canyon, AZ

Tank top from scratch... guitar/wings/hearts printed fabric, black trim. Taos, New Mexico.

I love this shirt! Cherry fabric. Puffy sleeves, scoop neck, pockets, keyhole, heart button. Taos!

Yeah, you've seen this before too... but never like this!! Mogollon, NM.

Two layer circle skirt with bow detail. Mogollon, NM.

Super amazing knit top. Low scoop neck, long cut, tab & antique button on the neckline.

More photos, descriptions, details at my shop (where it's all for sale!). Click here! Thanks for looking! xoxo.


  1. Awsome Spring Collection Miss Addie!!!
    I love the Key hole Tee's! Amazing;)

  2. Yeehaw! I love love love the artsy backgrounds! They totally set the stage for your awesome clothes!!! Thumbs up to your Dad for the pictures! :)


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