Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sometime destroying is more fun than creating.

Razorblade + tee = awesome

Inspired by Joodito.

Sorry for these less-than-wordy posts. I'll be back up to my usual chatty standards in no time, I'm sure.


  1. In my experience, destroying is very fun! Especially when you get to destroy some piece of cloth that has driven you crazy *for ever*! This idea would be useful for your favorite tee-shirt that has a few worn out holes already! Question: How will this design hold up through the washer? Ugh, what a boring and practical question! Whats wrong with me?!? Haha.

  2. I was thinking, if one has a huge grudge against their ex-boyfriend, this is a perfect use for one of their tees. "You shred my heart, I shred your shirt!"

    But I'm not sure how it will hold up! I might just choose to hand-wash it, because I have a few other things I do.. it's just routine. If I did put it in the washer, I would DEFINITELY hang to dry. Haha, no, it's something any crafter should ask!

    Love you!


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