Thursday, October 2, 2008

Typical Busy Fall

During which my laptop needs a clean-up and is therefore currently out of service, I decide to again participate in National Novel Writing Month ( that's for YOU, Dana! I'm just in the planning stages right now...), I work on bringing my Etsy back to life, store up some stock for the holidays, and we decide to paint the entire upstairs of our house. (My floor and walls are going to be GREEN! It will be amazing.) Oh yes, and I also muddle through my junior year.

Because my laptop is waiting to be picked up from the technician's, I won't be able to show you pictures until after Sunday. But I figured I would quickly update at least to let you know what's been going on. And when I do post pictures I should have some good shots from a photo shoot with fall colors, along with my lovely low-quality self-timer ones taken with a sheet backdrop in my sewing room-- don't we love those?


  1. Ahem. *I'm ignoring that hint, since this post was written during the week you were not allowed to mention nanowrimo.* haha. A green room? Sweet! Wait, will it be neon green? What about that cool paint that glows in the dark? You should get that stuff! Sounds fun. If you don't post pictures here, then you should send me some of your green room. XXXOOO

  2. Actually, Dana? The week was from September 23--October 1st because the site was shut down then. So you can't ignore it!! Go sign up, seriously.

    Yeah, it's gonna be awesome! Not neon, but more of a pale lime. I can't describe it but we're painting on the 13 so I'll take pictures and post them here.


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