Monday, October 6, 2008

Ron Paul shirt & Wrap skirt

September 2 I went to the largest Ron Paul event thus far-- The Campaign for Liberty held its Rally For the Republic, an all-day event with many notable speakers and entertainers that all led up to Ron Paul speaking for liberty and about his campaign, what he stands for, the grassroots supporters, and how the C4L will help restore the GOP to its roots and bring back constitutional values in our government.

It was awesome and I'd post pictures from the actual event, but I forgot to bring my camera with me! I do, however, have pictures of the shirt that I made specifically for the event. It's a t-shirt recon, with puffy sleeves, a v-neck, and hand-stenciled text on the front.

I also made the skirt (not to wear to the event) that I'd been planning for a couple months. I saw this amazing, flattering wrap skirt in a store, but it seemed simple enough to made so instead of buying the skirt, I bought fabric. :) It's a light rayon and is extremely comfortable to wear. It also doesn't really wrinkle, so it's perfect for travel! It's huge; it goes around my waist twice.

Photos of newer stuff will be coming soon. Not to hint or anything, but I made jeans. And they pretty much rock. =D


  1. Told you I haunt this place! Hehe. Cute stuff. I like the 'LOVE' out of Ron Paul revolution shirt. Hey, you should have named your blog Ron Paul Couture! haha. And wrap-around skirts are da bomb. Keep stitching away!
    Oh! I actually knitted a sock! *A* sock. And its kinda baggy. Now I'm working on the other sock, just so the first one doesn't get lonely. Socks were meant to be together. It was fun, actually. Although, I HAVE gotten some comments from Daniel about looking like a old grandma. He is so good w/ compliments. Haha.
    Anyways, this is a long comment, and most of it was talking about ME instead of telling you what a good job you do. Talk about self absorbed! You did a lovely job, and post again soon!

  2. Great job! The whole thing works great.


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