Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dots, Stripes, and Skulls: Oh My!

I love bright prints, lively colors, crazy patterns, silky weaves, and soft, gentle drapes. In other words: I love fabric shopping.
Among an array of purchases I made last week was a two yard length of white thermal knit fabric printed in black jolly rogers. Paired with some black fleecy fabric, I made a hoodie! It was all pretty free handed: as I wasn't at home with my usual measuring tools, patterns and drafting paper, I had to make do with a loose fitting tee as a guide. It turned out to be around a size M/L which is probably a good thing, as I need to get better at making different sizes. The pixie hood is fully lined in fleece, and the cuffs are double layered fleece. Complete with a kangaroo pocket!

Anyway, pictures:

Today I made a shirt out of red and white polka dotted jersey knit I've had for a few months. A v-necked tee, it has a little lace insert in the neck, and lacing detail on the lower left side. For the lacing I sewed eyelet tape on. This was especially difficult considering I'd lost my zipper foot and couldn't easily sew over the eyelets. But it worked out with a little time, and the result is pretty neat. Heh, looks like it ought to be a Valentine's day shirt. I'm only two months late!

I was just playing around when I drafted this tank top from one my friend has. I tried twice to properly finish the top edge, and then finally gave up and serged the edge. When I got home I screen printed the rose onto it using a screen I had previously made.


  1. Dear Talented Addie Marie. Three of your supporters are here to encourage you to make more stunning works of art! Brenna 'Manda and I are all clustered around the computer saying 'oooooh' and 'awww' in all the right places. You make us proud. Brenna likes the wrist band you made, Manda likes the jolly sweatshirt, and I like that adorable tank top with the rose you so cunningly placed in the corner. Yep, so now you know that 3 Alaskan gals are looking at your blog and missing you.
    ~The girl who has nothing better to do than leave strange comments on your blog.:)

  2. Awww my daahlings! You are all far too sweet. Thanks so much!! When are you going to come down HERE? I love and miss you three. :)


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