Sunday, January 3, 2016


Here are some moments from the last couple weeks...

My father made me hand-carved cable needles for my giant knitting. Here is one in action.

My brother and me in the matching hats I made for us.

Papa, heading up our epic sledding hill, axe in hand, ready to harvest the Christmas tree.

My brother and Pronto, watching the birds together. Pronto LOVES the birds at my parents'.

He also enjoyed the Christmas tree. :)

I was home for a week, and it snowed just about every day! My favorite thing in the winter are heavily laden trees, and we had plenty.

On Christmas Eve, my mom and I went out to take photos of the nearly-full moon, since it lit the frosty world like daylight. I used a manual shutter setting and am so excited I was able to catch some of the sparkly wonder that the world was that night. Such a wonderful memory.

How was your Christmas/New Year's/holiday season? Thanks for letting me share some tidbits. I'll be back soon with the finished sweater from the first photo!

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  1. I love your kitties Christmas sweater! And the pic of your cable on that chunky sweater is amazing.

    1. Haha, he.. puts up with it, grudgingly. And thank you!

  2. Beautiful pics! Pronto is so sweet ^__^
    Happy New Year Addie :)
    Kiss from Rome

    1. Thank you so much! Happy New Year to you, Cristina!! :)


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