Sunday, December 6, 2015

Cable Knit Chunky Wool Tee

So you know how I told you I immediately made a sweater twice? Here is the second version. How great is this Marina color of Knitpick's Tuff Puff?! 

Absolutely nothing changed from the white version of the sweater. I love these back shaping decreases -- they define the waist a bit and add such luscious stitch texture. I want to add them to all sweaters, effective immediately.

It has been quite the Real Life week for me. I found blood in my cat's litterbox on Monday, and immediately took him to the vet to discover that he had bacteria and crystals in his bladder. It was really scary to know that he could have a blockage / ruptured bladder, and I almost had a full breakdown at work while worrying about him! But he has been a trooper through this course of antibiotics, and is doing much better now. He's up to all his old tricks of whining about getting wet food (at 4:30pm sharp, or else the world ends), trying to Conquer the Christmas Tree once and for all, and playing with only the noisiest of toys at 3:00am. And I love him for all of it! He also loves yarn as much as I do (though for very different reasons) and has enjoyed pouncing on all of my projects as of late.

Oh also! This sweater is for sale HERE! If you are interested in something custom, let me know!

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