Monday, October 5, 2009

From Oops to Awesome

I am finally working my way through my huge stack of Threadless shirts (in early anticipation of their $5 Holiday Sale in December. ^_^), and I was excited to have finally figured out what to do with their adorable "My Crony" design. I was getting to the end of it and everything was working perfectly when I tried it on to check the fit. I looked in the mirror, and realized that I had made an awful, hilarious, and glaring mistake. See:

SAD BEANS by you.

Obviously, having a huge circle printed on the stomach is not a selling point. I found my problem hilarious because the design would've worked with most other shirts, but I just had to choose the one that would fail.

I asked my online buddies for help & suggestions, and then, while lying in bed unable to sleep, it came to me. I'd put in a side pocket, shift the print over, and although there'd be a seam in front, it would have an obvious purpose.

It worked out much better than the original design would have, I thought. It adds a lot more interest, and the print looks fabulous when it's all shifted.

WHEW by you.

Sleepy owls = luff by you.

Forgive the less-than-stellar photos! I'll be taking nice pictures and listing this within the next few days.

(Edit: New pictures!)

I see you. by you.

IMG_0766 by you.

For sale here: :)

Awesome! Don't you think?


  1. You are so awesome Addie! EXTREMELY cute top, btw. The cut & style is killer!
    I got your call, and will call you back...sometime! We have prospective students here right now, and its pretty crazy, but I will try to call back sometime this week! I've so much to tell you! :D Keep sewing and posting, beautiful!

  2. That looks awesome! I actually like how the seam looks. It gives the short a ruffled look.

    Very cool.

  3. Dana - Aww, thanks, darling, you are too sweet! (& thank you for commenting!) It was so good to talk to you! I'll try to call on Saturday, probably? :D

    Impish - Thank you so much, doll!

    Whitney - Aw, thank you! :)

  4. Well-handled! I probably would have thrown it in the back of my closet for two years instead. :)

  5. Corvus - Thanks!! Haha, I nearly did throw it on the Mistake Pile, but posting a plea for help on ThreadBanger encouraged me to fix it. Maybe having rescued one mistake will help me go back & rework some others. :D


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