Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Sheet-to-Dress

I had a friend who got married early this month, so of course I needed to make a dress for the occasion. And of course I left it off until the last minute. The day before we left, I grabbed these pretty floral sheets that had been sitting on my shelf for weeks, and set to work. I used the same basic pattern for this as the pink dress a few posts below, and it's very, very quick to make. I finished this in just over two hours.

I made both the bodice and the skirt a little shorter on this one, and I paired it with a red corduroy bow belt to break it up a bit. It's cotton, so it's nice to wear in the summer weather, the skirt is a huge circle so it's perfect for dancing in, and the style is very versatile. Just like my pink dress, it's super easy to dress up or down. The only problem with it, as I discovered during the wedding service & ceremony, was that the straps turned out a tad too long. So in the car, on the drive to the reception, I did a clever bit of hand stitching. The problem was fixed & it held up perfectly!

dress for wedding by you.

IMG_0081 by you.

IMG_0079 by you.
I took these today, and it's in the forties and raining, so don't say I don't love you!! Haha.

Also pictured in these photos is the necklace I bought from my friend Todd at Daze Of The Week. It's so amazing! Check out the rave review of his shop I left below. :)

"Princess Ann" necklace from Todd by you.

I had a fabulous time at the wedding--it was lovely and the reception was a blast. We danced! A lot! <3

Smiley. :) by you.


  1. Looks adorable! Did you have to line the dress to keep it from being see-through??

  2. Thank you!! Yes, I did have to line it, but luckily I had a full set to work with, so there was plenty of fabric. I was afraid even two layers would be slightly iffy, but everything turned out alright! Thank goodness! :)

  3. It is beautiful! :) Are you working on a fall collection for Matey Couture?
    Eek, guess what! This town has TWO second hand stores (*gasp* I am such a geeky small-town girl.:)! Adelina and I went shopping a few days ago, it was great fun! I get several cute thing. You should post again! :D
    Love you!


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