Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A couple older t-shirt surgeries

Because, no, I still have not found the camera cable, I'm still posting a couple older pictures. It's really not much, but still fun.

First, a corset-like shirt. I resized it, cut slits up the back, and stitched in hand-made eyelet tape. Of course, later I found out that fabric stores actually sell premade eyelet tape. Go figure. To cover up the logo in the front I put a patch printed with a jolly roger-- my hand carved stamp.

And then this is another thing I made when I was just learning about all this t-shirt reconstruction stuff. I made Snow White sleeves for this top, and added a white hood. The sleeves turned out a little wonky due to bad technique, but I still love it. It makes me feel like a princess! Haha. :)
Ron Paul button! Oh yeah.

This is it for now, but there'll be more to come soon. ^^


  1. Addie!!! Yay! That tee shirt with the lacing in the back is smoke'n hot! Are you putting that up for sale? If I may give my humble opinion, those are gonna sell like crazy!
    I have decided something. You need several spare camera cables. I'll have to get you some for Christmas. Thank you for posting, I love reading your blog. :D Hugs from *DanaRoo*

  2. Addie! Its me again! You should blog! About anything! Hows the pop can tab dress coming? Pictures? :D
    <3 Dana <3

  3. Its me again, again. This is coming all the way from a little town in Alaska, and thus should convince you... to blog again! Pleeeaaassseee? *insert Bambi eyes brimming with tears* I miss reading your blog! Anyways! Please consider. Hugs from Alaska to YOU!


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