Friday, May 23, 2008


I'm not so sure how often I'll be able to post here once summer comes. Here we are standing on the brink of it, and I'm already having a hard time finding a moment to sit down and write. I'll do my best, though, I can promise you that!

I don't really expect my Etsy business to be roaring, or to make a bunch of sales when I am just starting out, but I did make one sale pretty much off the bat. A very nice girl bought the polka-dotted jumper top. I can't tell you how excited I was when I saw. It was awesome.

I made a skirt that I have listed. It's out of beautiful light blue Lycra fabric, with the most glorious drape and a very pretty pattern. See:

I also made a dress recently with the rest of the fabric (I had quite a bit!) but I don't have pictures yet.

Yesterday when I was in the city I got the chance to see the new Narnia movie, Prince Caspian. As far as faithfulness to the book, it was so-so, but as a movie, it was fantastic. Absolutely incredible, really. And even if you don't enjoy the movie, it's totally worth it for the costumes (and the gorgeous guys!). I was so blown away by quite a few of the costumes. I'd seen some in advance, but there were a couple without pre-released photos, so I got some surprises.

And, being me, I have a list of what I'd like to make. I'm hopefully going to get to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival this September for my golden birthday [insert big grin here], so of course I now have an excuse to spend the summer making the perfect dress. The one I would love to make doesn't even have many released pictures now that the movie is out, but here is one I found, just a side view of the very top.

It's got very poofy sleeves (they balloon out and then come to a cuff at the wrist), and the blue over dress is full length, but open in the center to reveal the white underskirt. It's almost like a corset-dress, closed along the torso probably with hooks and eyes, and then left open along the skirt.

The other costume I'd love to make is this:

But seeing as how I would have to learn to make chainmail, and how to make a leather cuirass, I doubt it'll be happening any time soon. Still, it's fun to think, research, and dream about it.

These aren't the only beautiful costumes. There are pictures and research pages for every costume in both of the movies at The Wardrobe Door, a branch of Check out the forums, too, to see discussion and research.

I'll keep you updated if I do plan to sew a costume. If I do choose to, I'll probably buy white fabric from Dharma Trading Company (, and dye it myself-- an adventure unto itself!

One more thing: I've started making a Pop Can Tab dress. I'd seen all these amazing tab dresses over on the Craftster forums, and simply had to give it a try. Yes, I do believe I'm a little crazy. I'm guessing I have about 350 tabs (I've been saving just a few weeks), and I need around 4000 for a dress. This shall be... interesting. I'll post process/progress pictures soon!! ♥♥♥


  1. Those outfits you want to make are really cool. There are some great videos on youtube about making chainmail. Here's one of them
    Hope it helps :)

  2. Thanks for the link!! It's totally helpful, and I really want to try it. I just don't know if I'll be able to make a shirt before my patience runs out. Have you seen the movie? It's very good. :)

  3. Amazing Addie
    It worked! I commented, and it worked! Husah! Moving on...
    I CAN'T wait to see what you come up with. Susan's dress is bea-uuu-ti-ful and that will be perfect for you to wear to the festival (Dana is green with envy)! It would be totally spam if you could learn how to chainmail, and I am sure you will be cause you are as smart as they make them! I miss you!
    Your buddy 'ol pal,

  4. Hey you should post again! Its almost Saturday and your due! :0) Sorry, I'm annoying... but I miss seeing your lovely creations! Hugs!

    <3 Dana <3

  5. I like the colors on the skirt, very springy. And I want to see that movie if only for the costuming~!


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