Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Spring Coat

For spring weather!! It's been drippy the last two days and I finally got around to making myself something I've been planning on for months. Once again I officially fail at taking before pictures. I even thought of it, I was ripping apart the inside seams and it was still in tact, I was just too... erm... lazy. But if your imagination is good, think of a large, long, shoulder-padded men's formal coat with two buttons very low at the waist. Add a seam ripper, scissors, my dressform, a few pins, and the Complete Symphonic Recording of Les Miserables.


And here's a shot of this baby in action!

I am probably far too pleased with myself. It fits perfectly, and, being 100% wool, it is warm enough to wear in 30 degree + weather. I love spring clothes!


  1. HI Addie,
    Nice work! You are very talented and I love the way you reinvent garments to different ones! Have a good St Patty's day!
    Aunt Jean

  2. Hi Aunt Jean, thanks so much! I hear you got an huge industrial sewing machine or something? Sounds exciting!! Yep, happy St. Patricks day to you, too!

  3. Very cool coat! It reminds me of the black one you wore this summer! Except it is much warmer. What fun!


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